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That is how Comcast (in the US) does it.  They have a single gateway that
provides the subscriber services and then allows a public hotspot.  Various
levels of authentication are used so only “customers” can access via their
login, or truly public.  They have different QoS for the “subscriber” and
hot spot.    In business environments they do the same ting, splitting the
business customers gateway into the customer and the hotspot traffic.

Now not sure about how this might be for Europe with local regulations, but
technically it is done all the time.

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Hey Gang,

How do the cable companies generally deliver this service? A friend insists
it piggybacks off the WIFI radios of existing cable company subscribers. In
other words, the cable company WIFI router in a flat is providing both a
private link for the flat's subscriber, but also a public hotspot service.

I concede it is possible, but I am skeptical that the high quality of
hotspot service we get here in Budapest could be achieved that way.

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