Disney+ Geolocation (again)

Martin Hannigan hannigan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 23:36:32 UTC 2020

Hey Seth.

I still like SOA for troubleshooting. The older our beloved net gets the
less useful old reliable things get, but there can sometimes be good clues.

shell01-clt01> dig SOA disneystreaming.com

disneystreaming.com. 3600 IN SOA ns1.p72.dynect.net.
dnsadmin.bamtechmedia.com. 2018072197 3600 600 604800 1800

I forgot MLBAM spunoff BAMTECH and then Disney acquired them. They have a
peeringDB entry. I don't think its unreasonable at all to try dnsadmin@ or
peering@ in this case. If all else fails, OOB and I will hunt down my
connection there for you.



On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 1:48 PM Seth Mattinen <sethm at rollernet.us> wrote:

> On 11/21/20 08:48, Mike Hammett wrote:
> >
> > I think this is another example of the disconnect between technical
> > teams and support teams at consumer-facing organizations.
> > Consumer-facing support often can't find their way out of a wet paper
> > bag on consumer-related issues, much less on network issues.
> >
> > I think the community's impression so far is that the advised avenues
> > are insufficient to actually solve anything. Since this message, there
> > seems to have been more than one attempt to resolve these types of
> > problems via that link without success. The support site linked to also
> > has rather sparse information regarding how to solve these types of
> issues.
> There's nothing to indicate the support site is anything other than for
> subscription holding end users only. Phrases that I would think to type
> in the search box like "ISP" and "geolocation" return nothing. The error
> 73 page just says you are on a VPN or your ISP has a location problem,
> neither of which is useful information to me as an ISP.
> Calling in got me nowhere. The service rep couldn't open a ticket or
> even request escalation without a subscriber account. Even if I
> personally had one, I'm not going to mention it when I'm calling as an
> ISP on behalf of all of my customers and potential future customers
> because of the real danger of having an exception applied to that
> account rather than addressing the issue as a whole. They told me I
> should email back to the person who gave me the phone contact info and
> ask to speak to a supervisor, which I did, and never received a reply.
> I was able to eventually get through on live chat successfully after
> answering its automated questions in a way that would lead it to believe
> i was a customer but could not help me through its auto response means
> and get what I presume is a live person. However, even though I got
> lucky with this method someone else reported they just got dead ended
> with "what's an ISP" when they tried chat.
> So the lesson here is to just keep trying the end user chat and phone
> number until you get lucky.
> ~Seth
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