Disney+ Geolocation (again)

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I think this is another example of the disconnect between technical teams and support teams at consumer-facing organizations. Consumer-facing support often can't find their way out of a wet paper bag on consumer-related issues, much less on network issues. 

I think the community's impression so far is that the advised avenues are insufficient to actually solve anything. Since this message, there seems to have been more than one attempt to resolve these types of problems via that link without success. The support site linked to also has rather sparse information regarding how to solve these types of issues. 

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Yes, per the support team, ISP and end-users would go throuh the same initial point of contact to report issue so they may properly track and redirect as appropriate. Thank you. 

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Hi Jeff 
That seems to be oriented twords end users, not isps. 
Are you suggesting that isps call/chat customer service? 
So there Is no noc to noc services available? 

When I opened a chat saying that i was writing from an ISP the response was .... What Is an ISP? 


Brian Turnbow 

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HI all, 

Sorry there is a misunderstanding. Requests for Disney+ should go via https://help.disneyplus.com/csp instead. Please kindly remove from your documentation and do not email thse two @disneystreaming.com email addresses. 

Thank you 


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Hi Mike, 

You may want to add 
technical operations services team TechOps-Services at disneystreaming.com 

We wrote to the distribution address and they replied forwarding it to services 


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I updated our page. :-) 

Mike Hammett 
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Specifically for Network Operators, you may email 
TechOps-Distribution at disneystreaming.com for technical issues relating 
to Disney+. Hope this helps. 




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