A letter from the CEO

Josh Luthman josh at imaginenetworksllc.com
Fri Nov 20 22:22:02 UTC 2020

Got this message to me directly as well as through the list.

@6x7 this list is *NOT* to be scrapped for email addresses for your
marketing purposes.  This is complete garbage.  I'll be sending a message
directly to kar at 6by7.net as well.

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On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 5:19 PM 6x7 Networks - Lady Benjamin, CEO <
ben at 6by7.net> wrote:

> *A letter from the CEO of 6x7: 6x7 Networks and Communications Authority
> of Kenya announce type approval to import 8tbps/second internet routers.*
> Hi, Lady Benjamin from 6x7 here, and I'm proud to share with you an update
> on me and the company.
> Through our adjunct division, 6x7 just received type approval from the
> Kenyan government to import core routers capable of over 8tbps (8 terrabits
> per second).  This will enable us to enter the Kenyan IP transit and
> transport markets, and service both datacenter and soon office buildings
> and eventually residences with high speed, safe, secure global fiber
> connectivity.   The market in Kenya is severely impacted now due to limited
> fiber availability, and 6x7 will leverage it's undersea connections to
> bring more wholesale bandwidth into the area, creating the economy by which
> we expect to grow.
> Thanks for reading, I'll be doing a regular set of these newsletters, and
> if you like them or want to reach out, please contact us at kar at 6by7.net!
> -LB
> Ms. Lady Benjamin Cannon, ASCE.
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