AFRINIC IP Block Thefts -- The Saga Continues

Rob McEwen rob at
Mon Nov 16 16:40:27 UTC 2020

On 11/16/2020 9:54 AM, Tom Beecher wrote:
> I would like to formally request that Mr. Cohen's privileges to post 
> to this list be revoked, or otherwise curtailed.


Several months ago, Elad Cohen went on record claiming that I was 
secretly "Rob Shultz" from Spamhaus - an outrageous lie. (Spamhaus is 
actually my competitor... and I've only ever known a few people there - 
and not even that well.) What I had to do to (somewhat!) clear my name - 
so that the average person who doesn't know me could tell with a high 
degree of certainty that Elad Cohen lies about me weren't true - took 
away many hours out of my life and got me in trouble with maawg for 
discussing too many details about the people at maawg events whom I had 
interacted with (to show that me and this other Rob couldn't possibly be 
the same person). Note that I barely know "Rob Shultz", and hadn't even 
heard of "Rob Shultz" until AFTER I saw Cohen's accusation. I don't 
think that "Rob Shultz" is a bad person at all - from what little I know 
about him - but these accusations could potentially cause 
frustration/confusion in the niche market served by both invaluement (my 
company) and Spamhaus. The way Elad Cohen pushes ludicrous/unfounded 
conspiracy theories that are easily proven false - makes me question his 
mental heath. Ironically, at the same time, I'm actually somewhat of an 
*EXTREMIST* when it comes to free-speech and the free flow of ideas. I 
absolutely hate it when others shut down opposing ideas due to being 
"offended". But what makes this case DIFFERENT - is that I draw a line 
at slander/libel. I gave Elad Cohen every opportunity to prove his 
accusations - and he wasn't able to. And, again, what I had to explain 
about my meetings with people (aka "witnesses") at maawg - to prove that 
Elad was lying - caused me irreparable damage with maawg. His 
slander/libel is damaging to others. He doesn't add any value (at least, 
none that I can find) - he only harms other people in malicous ways.

Rob McEwen, invaluement

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