Strange connectivity issue Frontier EVPL

Adam Korab ak at
Wed Nov 11 04:18:38 UTC 2020

As it happens, I've just recently turned up a peering circuit with PSL in Houston, and their senior engineer is clue++

Naturally, he's on vacation this week, but [Aaron] ping me unicast if I might be able to assist/lend eyeballs/make an introduction of you guys next week.


On 11/9/20, 8:05 AM, "NANOG on behalf of Tim Burke" < at on behalf of tim at> wrote:

    I'm amazed you can get *anything* to work with Logix involved. Haven't 
    heard of many issues with PSLightwave in Houston, however... they seem 
    to be one of the only halfway decent options here.

    On 11/6/20 2:57 PM, aaron1 at wrote:
    > My coworker is having similar issues with PS Lightwave and Alpheus/Logix
    > from San Antonio to Houston whereas some things work and somethings don't
    > -Aaron

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