plea for comcast/sprint handoff debug help

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Nov 6 20:09:02 UTC 2020

>> really?  could you be exact, please?  turning an optional protocol off
>> is not a 'failure mode'.
> I suppose it depends on how you think you are serving the data.
> If you thought you were serving it on both protocols, but 'suddenly'
> the RRDP location was empty that would be a failure.

not necessarily.  it could merely be a decision to stop serving rrdp.
perhaps a security choice; perhaps a software change; perhaps a phase
of the moon.

> One of my points was that it appeared that the software called 'bad
> tls cert' (among other things I'm sure) a failure, but not 'empty
> directory' (or no diff file). It's possible that ALSO 'no diff' is
> considered a failure

what the broken client software called what is not my probem.  every
http[s] server in the universe is not necessarily an rrdp server.  if
the client has some belief, for whatever reason, that it should be is
a brokenness.

> I don't think alex is wrong in stating that 'ideally the operator
> monitors/alerts on health of their service'

i do.  i run clients.

> My suggestion is that checking the alternate transport is helpful.

as i do not see rrdp as a critical service, after all it is not mti,
but i am quite aware of whether it is running or not.  the problem is
that rotinator seems not to be.


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