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Wed Nov 4 15:38:48 UTC 2020

*NANOG 80 Virtual *
The conference <https://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/> may be over, but
the hours of archived talks + tutorials, keynotes + panels are just waiting
to be explored! We've gathered up all the very best, just for you. Scroll
on to learn more!

View Agenda <https://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/agenda/>
View Attendees

*Virtual Webcast *
Whether virtual or IRL, we live-stream every conference so you can return
to any recorded presentation you’d like at any time — from a panel that
explored why we still have DDoS attacks, to keynotes, talks, and tutorials
on everything from troubleshooting with Traceroute, to the awe and angst of
being a networker in 2020.

You'll find a curated selection of NANOG 80 videos on NANOG TV
<https://nanog.org/news-stories/nanog-tv/nanog-80-webcast/> + the full
webcast on our YouTube channel
with hours of insights from some of the brightest minds in network
engineering, operations, and architecture.

"I think of us as the unsung heroes; the people behind the scenes keeping
the Internet running, making communities possible." — Jezzibell Gilmore,

Didn't get to tune in to Jezzibell Gilmore and Avi Freedman's keynotes? Be
sure to check them out on NANOG TV
<https://www.nanog.org/news-stories/nanog-tv/>! In Jezzibell's keynote
"Growing Up With NANOG," she discussed how community helped her grow as an
individual, team member, leader, and friend. Avi's keynote, "The Awe,
Angst, and Challenge of Being a Networker in 2020," covered what's
changing, what we're aspiring to, what we're behind on, and a few concrete
steps you can take to keep up and even ahead.

*Community Meeting *
NANOG's success depends on the collective expertise of its dynamic
community! Miss out on the NANOG 80 Virtual Community Meeting? Watch the
to hear more from Executive Director Edward McNair on our virtual platform
and future tech initiatives, as well as NANOG Outreach and NANOG Stories.

*Congrats to Tina Morris and Vincent Celindro! *
Please join us in congratulating Tina and Vincent, who were elected by our
community to serve on the NANOG Board of Directors 🎉 Full results of the
election, which was held during NANOG 80 Virtual, can be viewed here
<https://nanog.org/participate/elections-nominations/>. Thank you to all of
the exceptional candidates who ran for office!

*Call for Presentations*
Share your insights at a future NANOG meeting, with a presentation that
brings your research + ideas to life. The NANOG PC accepts proposals
<https://www.nanog.org/participate/call-presentations/> on a rolling basis,
and would love to see yours!

*Our community is the best! *
The NANOG Staff, Board of Directors, and Program Committee would like to
thank each and every attendee + sponsor + exhibitor
<https://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/our-sponsors/> for making NANOG 80
an amazing experience — your continued support means everything to us!

*Save the date for NANOG 81 Virtual*
The conference will take place online from February 8-10, 2021, to ensure
the safety and well-being of our community. The in-person conference in
Atlanta has been canceled. As always, we're committed to making sure all
NANOG Virtual events are accessible and welcoming to all. Stay tuned for
details on registration!
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