att or sonic "residential" fiber service at a "nontraditional" residence.

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Mon Nov 2 02:50:27 UTC 2020

On Sun, Nov 1, 2020 at 5:22 PM Mark Seiden <mis at> wrote:
> if i don’t want an SLA, does anything keep a non-profit organization from ordering (from att or sonic) residential service at what normally would be considered a business location?

Hi Mark,

Generally speaking, the residential and business services are
constructed differently. The residential service will be PON while the
business service will be a classic fiber pair. Passive optical
networking (PON) is a single-fiber that splits a number of times
between you and the company's equipment. The classic fiber pair is two
strands of fiber direct between you and the company's equipment.

Since they won't have built the PON-based service to the business
location, they won't sell it to you there. And nothing you can do will
force them to re-purpose the fiber they did build to the business

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