att or sonic "residential" fiber service at a "nontraditional" residence.

Brandon Martin lists.nanog at
Mon Nov 2 02:05:56 UTC 2020

On 11/1/20 8:20 PM, Mark Seiden wrote:
> (would this violate some tariff?  could they refuse to install?)

AT&T's fiber service is not a tariffed service anywhere that I know of. 
  They absolutely could refuse to install it at what they deem a 
"business" location and likely would.  I know Comcast will only install 
"Business Class" service at what they deem "business" locations.  I 
assume this is, in both cases, due to the substantially higher margin on 
"business" services.

As to what Sonic would do, I have no idea.  Their market model is quite 
a bit different.  I also can't imagine they're actually overlaying 
AT&T's fiber-to-the-prem network as, to my knowledge, AT&T does not 
allow 3rd party access to it in any market.
Brandon Martin

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