Curious Cloudflare DNS behavior

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Sat May 30 18:52:58 UTC 2020

When you're not paying for service, you're not the customer, you're the

I don't understand why anyone, especially anyone frequenting NANOG, would
use Cloudflare for their DNS.

Cloudflare runs a racket business, and their whole business model depends
on them being a monopoly; plus people buying into the vapourware that they
offer.  When have monopolies been good for any industry?  There's plenty of
evidence of Cloudflare not working correctly; I'm sure one of their
employees (or the CTO!) will show up shortly to say otherwise!


On Fri, 29 May 2020 at 12:31, John Sage <jsage at> wrote:

> FULL DISCLOSURE: this is an end-user issue, but one that might have some
> operational relevance, particularly if anyone from Cloudflare DNS is on
> the list
> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: twice in six weeks Cloudflare DNS on my new Netgear
> Orbi cable modem/mesh WiFi hotspot has completely lost track of one (and
> only one that I know of) prominent US domain: usbank dot com
> Internet provider: Comcast/Xfinity "Extreme Pro+"
> Dynamic IP address via Comcast that hasn't changed in six-seven years
> New Netgear Orbi cable modem, configured with DNS through Cloudflare
> ( and
> Again, twice in 6 weeks Cloudflare DNS seems to loose complete track of
> usbank dot com as a domain
> Symptoms: Firefox on Ubuntu Linux returns that little puzzled dinosaur
> cartoon thing and "We can't seem to find this website right now"
> Each one of ping, traceroute, dig and host returns
> Host usbank . com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
> or some variant thereof
> Everything else works "just fine" as the saying goes
> And the Cloudflare DNS drop lasted for days the first time around
> I can switch over to Google DNS ( and in the Orbi and
> immediately fix the problem
> So. Seems odd that Cloudflare DNS would apparently loose complete track
> of a major US domain name like usbank dot com
> Or am I missing something?
> - John
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