Curious Cloudflare DNS behavior

John Sage jsage at
Fri May 29 17:29:44 UTC 2020

FULL DISCLOSURE: this is an end-user issue, but one that might have some 
operational relevance, particularly if anyone from Cloudflare DNS is on 
the list

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: twice in six weeks Cloudflare DNS on my new Netgear 
Orbi cable modem/mesh WiFi hotspot has completely lost track of one (and 
only one that I know of) prominent US domain: usbank dot com

Internet provider: Comcast/Xfinity "Extreme Pro+"

Dynamic IP address via Comcast that hasn't changed in six-seven years

New Netgear Orbi cable modem, configured with DNS through Cloudflare 
( and

Again, twice in 6 weeks Cloudflare DNS seems to loose complete track of 
usbank dot com as a domain

Symptoms: Firefox on Ubuntu Linux returns that little puzzled dinosaur 
cartoon thing and "We can't seem to find this website right now"


Each one of ping, traceroute, dig and host returns

Host usbank . com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

or some variant thereof

Everything else works "just fine" as the saying goes

And the Cloudflare DNS drop lasted for days the first time around

I can switch over to Google DNS ( and in the Orbi and 
immediately fix the problem

So. Seems odd that Cloudflare DNS would apparently loose complete track 
of a major US domain name like usbank dot com

Or am I missing something?

- John
John Sage
FinchHaven Digital Photography
Email: jsage at
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