DNS cache Validation

Adam Kennedy adamkennedy at watchcomm.net
Tue May 19 04:31:05 UTC 2020

I wrote a script to expose stats from unbound to SNMP and built a Cacti
template for that. Recently started moving the DNS stats to feed into
Telegraf that pushes to an InfluxDB server, then built a dashboard in
Grafana. We track DNS RTT for a few queries, number of drops, number of
rejects, various record type requests per second, etc. We also have a
Nagios plugin that checks each of our DNS cache resolving servers scattered
across the network to ensure they can resolve a handful of popular domains.
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On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 11:47 PM Justin Wilson (Lists) <lists at mtin.net>

>         What are you folk doing to validate your DNS cache server configs
> and operation? In other words, what are you doing to make sure they are
> performing well, not just alive.
>         Justin
>> https://blog.j2sw.com
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