Integrated WIFI router and phone adapter

Brandon Martin lists.nanog at
Mon May 18 15:17:10 UTC 2020

On 5/18/20 1:00 AM, K MEKKAOUI wrote:
> Anyone knows about a good integrated WIFI router and phone adapter that 
> can be used to provide home and business internet and phone service. We 
> tried couple of them but we’ve seen some instability and reliability 
> issues (i.e. wifi issues, phone issues, etc.). Also some of them are 
> designed to work better over DSL but not over DOCSIS.

SmartRG (now part of Adtran) has some Ethernet-connected and therefore 
largely provider-tech agnostic models with FXS ports.  I've not used the 
voice functionality of them, but I've been quite happy with the Wi-Fi 
and NAT, and they generally "do the right thing" out of the box for most 
Brandon Martin

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