Integrated WIFI router and phone adapter

Kevin Burke kburke at
Mon May 18 14:45:13 UTC 2020

They have an Ethernet version and GPON version.  

The GPON version is the same price their Ethernet version + low end GPON ONT.  

We stayed away from the GPON version for WiFi reasons.  Want the techs thinking about a good RF location.  Don't want them thinking about easy/good fiber routing.  

Kevin Burke
Burlington Telecom

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    But yes -- GPON.

    On 5/18/20 9:03 AM, Mark Tinka wrote:
    > On 18/May/20 07:00, K MEKKAOUI wrote:
    >> Hi NANOG Community
    >> Anyone knows about a good integrated WIFI router and phone adapter
    >> that can be used to provide home and business internet and phone
    >> service. We tried couple of them but we’ve seen some instability and
    >> reliability issues (i.e. wifi issues, phone issues, etc.). Also some
    >> of them are designed to work better over DSL but not over DOCSIS.
    > Have you looked at Calix:
    > You don't mention what last mile you're using. The Calix Giga units are
    > for GPON.
    > Mark.

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