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I feel as though I am reading an amalgamation of the sundry opinions rendered by US judges and Justices against such irreputable characters as Prenda Law and its shell companies.

Bravo Ron.


But what do I know? I'm just a 20 year old 9th-grader.

On Fri, 15 May 2020 12:10:49 -0700
"Ronald F. Guilmette" <rfg at> wrote:

> I want to thank Joe Greco <jgreco at> for his kind and generous
> comments.  That having been said, I'm not sure that I either should,
> or even want to take credit for having kicked off *with a single message*
> "a 100+-message flamefest on NANOG".  That was not my intent, and it is
> quite clear that those NANOG subscribers who are interested only in
> operational matters rather wish I hadn't.
> I also feel compelled to state that the satisfying conclusion of the
> RIPE NCC Executive Board election, as already reported here by
> Terrence Koeman, most probably has relatively little to do with the
> recent traffic on this list, and relatively more to do with the recent
> traffic on the RIPE members-discuss list, where the candidate in
> question displayed all of the same qualities of tact, diplomacy, and
> generosity as he has recently displayed here.
> Then again, the results of the just-completed RIPE NCC Board election
> may perhaps be even more properly ascribed, primarily, to the candidate's
> novel approach to campaigning which, according to numerous credible
> reports, apparently included the spamming of some large fraction of
> the contact email addresses contained within the RIPE WHOIS data base
> with his campaign pitch, including but not limited to varuious [email protected]
> and [email protected] addresses, some of which received multiple copies.  (No word
> yet on wether or not the candidate has threatened to sue his own campaign
> manager over his subesquently sagging poll numbers.)
> Moving right along...
> As some of you may have noticed, I have sat silently while being viciously
> and falsely maligned here, in multiple ways, by the (now former) candidate.
> In response, I'd like to just state a couple of things briefly, once, and
> for the record, in order to dispel any doubts that anyone may have entertained.
> Firstly, I am not now, nor have I ever been an owner, shareholder, manager,
> employee, agent, affiliate, client, or customer of Spamhaus.  I have no
> business connection to that organization of any kind, nor have I ever
> had any such.  Nor are either they or I contemplating any such for the
> forseeable future.  Any suggestion to the contrary has no basis in fact
> and is quite simply delusional.  Indeed, as anyone who has known me or
> as anyone who has read what I have written over 20+ years of fighting
> spam can attest, I am, if anything, a frequent critic of Spamhaus.  I
> have often gone on the record to assert my belief that that organization
> is too cautious and conservative when meating out what I personally feel
> would be just rewards to various provably irredeamable spammers and
> cybercriminals.
> That having been said, the differences between myself and Spamhaus are
> only ones of emphasis, not goals, and just like I do routinely with
> innumerable other anti-spam and anti-cybercrime organizations, I do
> maintain informal channels of communications with Spamhaus, as I also
> do with a vast number of other such commercial and non-commercial
> projects with similarly aligned goals.
> If my many industry contacts render me a sinister and malevolent agent
> of some dark and secretive international cabal, then so be it.  In that
> case it would appear that I am not alone, at least judging by the broad
> attendance of several hundred individuals and organizations at the last
> M3AAWG meeting this past February in San Francisco.  All of us are, in
> our own ways, working together to keep the wires open and usable for
> normal people.  That goal is more important now, in the age of Covid-19,
> than it ever has been.  I do not and will not apologize in any way for
> doing this important work, along with so many many others.  Someone
> must keep the lunatics from taking over the asylum and flooding it
> with spam.  That was true even before Covid-19, and it is even vastly
> more true now.
> Second and lastly, I am neither a racist nor an antisemite.  I will not
> dignify these false, baseless, and defamatory allegations any further,
> and I most assuredly feel no compulsion to request any of my many jewish
> friends, nor any of my POC friends to come to my defense, especially as
> I need none.
> These scurrilous allegations have been presented without evidence or
> factual basis, and have been supported only by tortured distortions of
> my actual words, disturbing attempts to unilaterally (and conveniently)
> redefine the meaning of the already well-understood and well-defined
> English word "race", and by unambiguously malicious innuendo.  I see
> no point in getting down and rolling around in the gutter on these points,
> especially not with a man whose low regard for the truth has already been
> made so abundantly clear and apparent to the subscribers of this very list.
> I will have nothing more to say about this, at least not in this forum.
> Regards,
> rfg

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