Switch for SFP+

Adam Thompson athompson at merlin.mb.ca
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Have you actually looked at Mikrotik switches?  I don't like the OS, but the hardware does what you want it to.


If necessary, buy your SFP modules from FS.com and get them coded as Mikrotik modules at the factory - that's what we do for Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, Extreme, etc.

Even the top-of-the-line Mikrotik only costs US$899.


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Thank you. The problem is that to get a price lower than U$D 3000 I have to resort to a used device.

El 14/5/20 a las 01:08, Mehmet Akcin escribió:
Used Juniper QFX5100-48T will do it. Probably overkill but you can grab one cheap @ebay

On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 16:36 Mauro Gasparini <mjgasparini at gmail.com<mailto:mjgasparini at gmail.com>> wrote:
Good afternoon.

I'm looking for a switch with the following capabilities:
. transport for more than 20 gbps
. link aggregation LACP
. slots for SFP+
. seamlessly when trunking vlans through the link aggregation.

And essentially that doesn't exceed US$D 2000 and is compatible with
10GBASE-ER and/or 10GBASE-ZR modules that are not from the vendor itself
(e.g. SPFs: Huawei, Mikrotik, Sumitomo, OEMs).

If any of you have a good experience with a device that meets these
requirements (which are minimal with the exception of price and
compatibility) ?

Mauro Gasparini

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