Comcast Late Night Lurkers? (Chicago Problems)

Nick Garrett nick.garrett at
Wed May 13 03:09:14 UTC 2020

Any Comcast engineers lurking on here?

Have noticed a significant issue with endpoint connectivity into our
private clouds starting around 19:30 central, continuing on to now. Have
also seen some issues with devices accessing via our customers' WAN
connections through AT&T, suspecting some sort of transit fun. Tried
reporting via SMB Coax and residential--- not even sure why I tried.
Normally, this amount of flap is *not *an issue for us but it's causing
some abnormal adverse effects which *is *an issue for us. 😊

We're seeing this on customers' networks that we know are on SMB HFC, ENS,
Metro-E, pretty good spread. As well as some sprinkling of AT&T/ICN
(Illinois Century Network). I am hoping it is a bad peer that can be told
to stop or routed-out.

Any help or investigating would be appreciated.
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