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> "The Spamhaus Project" is an illegal anonymous organization according to their own words in their own following presentation:
> <>
This is the second time I’ve seen you make this claim in public. I see nothing in the slide deck you linked which claims they are illegal.

Nor does it say that they are anonymous, in fact, the CIO’s name (Richard D G Cox) is prominently displayed on the title slide.

I seriously doubt that if they were truly the criminals you say they are, they would be permitted to name the FBI as a partner on their website: <>

I also sincerely doubt that if they were criminals, as you state, that they would be admitted as members, let alone receive awards from the National Cber-Forensics and Training Alliance.

Indeed, ISPA has also presented them with an “Internet Hero Award”.

Frankly, when it comes to the issues of criminality, I think Spamhaus has significantly more credibility than you do.

> They wrote in it that they receive on a regular basis - massive amount of illegaly-obtained privacy data from their contacts in many internet companies and internet organizations - and then they share it in illegal way (without any warrant) with Law Enforcement Agencies - this is the reason that Law Enforcement Agencies are doing nothing regarding the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project”.

That’s an awfully strange interpretation of (presumably):

“Spamhaus holds a lot of information provided in confidence by industry players — on the understanding that it can be made available to LEAs where needed.”

> Ronald Guilmette is the front person of the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project”.

Uh, sure, and I’m the Prince of Whales.

> ----
> and that said legal counsel has then
> proceeded to threaten various officials of the City of Cape Town,
> South Africa with possible legal action if they do not relinquish
> to him their rights in and title to the block
> ----
> This is a complete lie, in order to shame CoCT I will not share their internal correspondences. Anyone interested to know more information can email me directly.

At this point, the best you’ve got on this list is an a-said/b-said with no public evidence on either side. In such a case, it boils down to credibility and frankly, IMHO, yours is lacking.

> ----
> "I am assured that at no time did the City of Cape Town ever sell, trade, or barter away their rights to this valuable IPv4 block"
> ----
> Ronald is "assured" exactly as he is "assured" that all Dutch people are criminals and all Colombian network oeprators are criminals and all Chicago citizens are criminals according to his statements in the following links:
> <>
> <>
> <>
Quote 1 might be bad style on RFG’s part, but style and eloquence have never been his strong suits. OTOH, he is, in my experience, a meticulous researcher and brutally honest. I also note that you have carefully resorted to an image of a plain text blob with no header matter and no way to authenticate or verify the source or validate the attribution as factual. I don’t doubt that it is an actual RFG quote (at least it sounds like something he’d say), but why not link to the actual list archive where you got it? Are you attempting to hide the rest of the thread from closer scrutiny while cherry-picking quotes you hope support your narrative?
	FWIW: Cogent sales reps who actually respond <> is the original thread from the NANOG archives.

Qoute 2 strikes me as an innocent snark said in jest.
	FWIW: Colombia Network Operators Group <> is the original thread from the NANOG archives.

Quote 3 is the most amusing in that the person all but states that you, Mr. Cohen, are acting guilty of the allegations made by RFG and that the original poster thinks you both have things to answer for.
	FWIW: Quoted thread here: Prominent horse racing identities (was Re: Elad Cohen) <>

> Ronald was called an antisemitic and a racist person here on Nanog in the following two links, by people which are not related to me:
> <>
> <>
Ron has UI problems, to be sure. Not the least of which, he doesn’t filter and doesn’t put any effort into political correctness. He definitely lacks polish and a certain level of social skills.

I don’t think for one second that he is actually a racist or a bigot. He identifies patterns and calls out what he sees. Often without regard for the collateral damage.

You, Mr. Cohen, are not collateral. You are dead center of the wrongdoing he’s been pointing out.

> In the first "The Ronald Show" many months ago - Ronald called me in two antisemitic names that are being used to relate to Jews in Shakespeare literature (just like Ronald is relating to Shakespeare in <> ) - as part of his defamation campaign towards me - none of you raised a voice and not only that but some Nanog subscribers enjoyed his racism and antisemitism (without a single proof against me) as was written here by them (with a popcorn).

Just because RFG used racist terms and you happen to be Israeli (and for all I know Jewish, too), doesn’t mean that his accusations against you are baseless or inaccurate.

Is it your claim that the following article: <>

is entirely baseless? Do you have any documentation to support such a claim?

Just out of curiosity… Is this you, too? <>


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