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Wed May 13 20:02:27 UTC 2020

On 5/13/2020 9:46 AM, Elad Cohen wrote:
> Real identities behind "The Spamhaus Project":
> <snip>
> "Rob Shultz" - Rob McEwen (

Elad made this public allegation one of RIPE "Open Source Working Group" 
mailing lists, that he started here:

Here is my response to this allegation (new thread):

It went back and forth - you can read all the *drama* in that thread. 
Elad "doubled down" by publicly saying to me:

/*"You are a complete liar. You are Rob Shultz."*/

I then put it to bed in the following thread:

If anyone has the SLIGHTEST SUSPICION that this might be true, PLEASE 
read those threads.

He ended up being put on "moderated" status on the RIPE forum and was 
publicly reprimanded here:

He called me a "liar" - but has produced ZERO evidence to support his 
assertion - even though I "called his bluff" and asked him to "put up 
for shut up". He wouldn't "shut up" - but he also is not capable for 
"putting up" because the only evidence he has - is delusions that only 
exist inside his mind. I'm not a psychiatrist - but Elad is either very 
maliciously and unprofessionally lying to attack anti-spam people - or 
has a serious mental illness and needs psychiatric help. One or the 
other.  Does this mean everything he says is factually wrong? I didn't 
claim that. I don't have the time nor inclination to fact check his long 
rants. But I do know that I'm not, nor have ever been, "Rob Schultz" and 
that I don't secretly work with/for Spamhaus in any way/shape/form. And 
I really don't like being called a "liar" on a public forum by someone. 
There are many out there who might run across posts like that and not 
bother to get the whole context, and might not know the real truth. So 
things like this can become an annoyance for many years to come.

Rob McEwen

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