RIPE NCC Executive Board election

Bryan Fields Bryan at
Wed May 13 19:34:48 UTC 2020

On 5/13/20 2:42 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> It's clear IPv6 is the path forward. It was clear in 2007. But don't
> for a second believe that's because IPv4 could not have been upgraded
> in place. That's a failure of imagination.

IPv6 is the way forward, it has the buy in and damn near critical mass.

It dumps most of the extra crap in the headers we don't need anymore and the
alignment makes it rather easy to process in hardware.  This last part can't
be over emphasized; it's not just rewriting software, it's hardware upgrades
in most cases.  Remember doing v6 on a 7206?*  Punt it to the CPU and let it
fall over at 1000 pps, right?

I may have overstated the performance of that, but at the time we didn't care,
99.9% of all IPv6 was ping and traceroute.  When it becomes the preferred
delivery network for content, a software based router isn't going to cut it.

Bryan Fields

727-409-1194 - Voice

*it's not a dig at cisco or any vendor.  It was a thoroughly outdated router
10 years ago, and we can't expect it to have kept up.  Merely illustrating a

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