RIPE NCC Executive Board election

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We will take your path, lets wait 20 years for IPv6 to be fully deployed.
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On 5/13/2020 12:09 PM, Elad Cohen wrote:
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> /There's a fundamental lack of understanding from people on why you can't
> just 'bolt on' more addresses to IPv4.  Data structures in memory,
> software APIs and syscalls, hex notations, subnetting, route
> determination and propigation with internet routing protocols like BGP,
> hardware CAM, among many other things./
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> All of it will be resolved with a software update, and BGP will be
> updated to support IPv4+ with backward compatibility.

You mean what everyone's already implemented with IPv6?  A complete
overhaul/replacement for IPv4, with all the changes already done and
fully supported in most major software packages, servers, routers, and

Enlighten me on why you are so obsessed with re-implementing IPv6 as IPv4+?

> /I'm not here to do your homework. Its not my fault you lack the
> understanding as to why people are openly mocking you here on your
> 'inventions'./
> -----
> Nobody is "mocking" besides IPv6 fans that are against any solution
> until IPv6 will be fully deployed which can take more 20 years from now.

Yes, because the all powerful IPv6 cartel is working with the Lumber
Cartel to stifle your 'inventions' for 'solving' the world's IP and spam

Brielle Bruns
The Summit Open Source Development Group    /
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