RIPE NCC Executive Board election

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Wed May 13 17:56:48 UTC 2020

Meant to send this to the list, but hit reply instead of reply to list. 
Oops.  Fixed.

On 5/13/2020 11:35 AM, Elad Cohen wrote:
> The principals in IPv4+ weren't suggested anywhere else, can you provide 
> a link ? instead of misleading the readers again.

Those of us who have actually been involved here and elsewhere for a 
very long time have seen people bring it up every year.

Their ultimate solution to the IPv4 issue.

Like I said, we all just chuckle at it whenever anyone makes a big deal 
about it.

There's a fundamental lack of understanding from people on why you can't 
just 'bolt on' more addresses to IPv4.  Data structures in memory, 
software APIs and syscalls, hex notations, subnetting, route 
determination and propigation with internet routing protocols like BGP, 
hardware CAM, among many other things.

> Not even a single fact in your reply, only hollow big words.

I'm not here to do your homework. Its not my fault you lack the 
understanding as to why people are openly mocking you here on your 

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