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LOL the IPv4+ thing was a pretty entertaining read.  You clearly don’t have even a basic understanding of the v4 packet structure, or that the octet display concept is simply for human benefit.  IPv6 can be implemented with ‘software updates’ too…

From: NANOG <nanog-bounces at> on behalf of Elad Cohen <elad at>
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 9:47 AM
To: "Ronald F. Guilmette" <rfg at>, "nanog at" <nanog at>
Subject: Re: RIPE NCC Executive Board election

Hello Everyone,

My apology for not providing an official response to the first "The Ronald Show" that took place here many months ago, I was out of hospital after full anesthesia and it took me months to get back to myself.

What was done towards me and what being done to me by Ronald is an intentional personal attack against me and I will explain.

I didn't agree to provide private business documents to the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" that they tried to extort from me - then I found out who are the real people behind the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" - and then they started to attack me (including here on Nanog, with false information, when I was out of hospital and wasn't in the condition to respond to them).

"The Spamhaus Project" is an illegal anonymous organization according to their own words in their own following presentation:

They wrote in it that they receive on a regular basis - massive amount of illegaly-obtained privacy data from their contacts in many internet companies and internet organizations - and then they share it in illegal way (without any warrant) with Law Enforcement Agencies - this is the reason that Law Enforcement Agencies are doing nothing regarding the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project".

Ronald Guilmette is the front person of the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project".

and that said legal counsel has then
proceeded to threaten various officials of the City of Cape Town,
South Africa with possible legal action if they do not relinquish
to him their rights in and title to the block
This is a complete lie, in order to shame CoCT I will not share their internal correspondences. Anyone interested to know more information can email me directly.

"I am assured that at no time did the City of Cape Town ever sell, trade, or barter away their rights to this valuable IPv4 block"
Ronald is "assured" exactly as he is "assured" that all Dutch people are criminals and all Colombian network oeprators are criminals and all Chicago citizens are criminals according to his statements in the following links:

Ronald was called an antisemitic and a racist person here on Nanog in the following two links, by people which are not related to me:

In the first "The Ronald Show" many months ago - Ronald called me in two antisemitic names that are being used to relate to Jews in Shakespeare literature (just like Ronald is relating to Shakespeare in ) - as part of his defamation campaign towards me - none of you raised a voice and not only that but some Nanog subscribers enjoyed his racism and antisemitism (without a single proof against me) as was written here by them (with a popcorn).

The "source" in "The Spamhaus Project" that supported and pumped Ronald Imagination is the criminal of the anonymous twitter account: , that person according to his own words in his own criminal anonymous twitter account - is a master of cyber influence operations (meaning to influence people without a single proof) - that person is also an employee of the Israeli-based company GeoEdge and they are a direct competitor of a company that used the netblocks that Ronald attacked - not only that but Ronald also attacked another Israeli-based company called Divineworks (here in Nanog) and they are also a direct competitor of the Israeli-based company GeoEdge. What was done here is a cyber influence operation without a single proof because of a business competition.

That criminal which is a member of "The Spamhaus Project" and pumped Ronald Imagination - is not the only person which is abusing the power of "The Spamhaus Project" for commericial goals, that are many many more people and companies behind the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" which are making profit from it, for example:

- Vincent Schonau from Open-Xchange (AKA "Vincenet Hanna" of "The Spamhaus Project") that "The Spamhaus Project" is attacking the competitors of Open-Xchange.
- Laura Atkins from WordToTheWise which is selling a Spamhaus listing removal service (

Real identities behind "The Spamhaus Project":

"Mike Anderson" - Michael O'Reirdan (Chairman Emeritus of W3AAWG) and Professor Ross Anderson from Cambridge university (both known as "Mike Anderson" of "The Spamhaus Project")
"Rob Shultz" - Rob McEwen (
"Thomas Morrison" - Daniel R. Thomas (
"Pete Dawes" - Ildiko Pete (
"Vincent Hanna" -  Vincent Schonau of Open-Xchange (
"Milly Fawcett" - Kelly Molloy of FarSight Security (
Among others.

Companies behind the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project":
FarSight Security
Among others.

Regarding the article that Ronald shared, in it there is clearly written:

"It must be noted that Cohen is not being accused of any illegal activity in this report."

But it doesn't change the fact that the article was clearly written only for Ronald to be able to post it and to proceed with the illegal "cyber influence operation" to attack me without a single proof. The article was written by the instruction of the "The Spamhaus Project" mob and then Ronald made this post according to the instruction from "The Spamhaus Project" mob. A coordinated illegal "cyber influence operation" without a single proof.

Many subscribers of the Nanog list are members of the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" - Ronald Guilmette is just their front clown - expect many of them to jump now and to defame me here without a single proof (because this is how the illegal anonynous organization "The Spamhaus Project" works) - and you can ask them a simple single question - "show us a single proof" - and - "if you cannot show us a single proof then please stop spamming the mailing list".

Ronald at the end of his post keep spreading lies and writing:
"less than honorable intent reach for power"
"to persons with an interest only in what is best for them personally, to the exclusion of all else"
"Democracy dies in darkness."

When in reality I invented three new pantets for the best of the whole Internet community and I will work to implement them if I will be elected:

IPv4+ that will mitigate the "IPv4 Exhaustion" problem and will add more 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses: (can be implemented with software updates and not all internet hosts in the world will have to be updated - home routers and home modems which are the vast majority of routing equipment in the world - will not need to be updated and will support more 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses with IPv4+ )

Completely mitigating the global email spam problem in a clean and automatic way: (and also mitigating the illegal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project")

Completely mitigating spoofed ip amplification DDoS attacks and spoofed ip traffic with is a source for criminality:

They ("The Spamhaus Project" mob) wants to keep controlling RIPE and any other internet organizations - I want to liberate RIPE - I want to make sure that that illegal anonymous organization that violates any thing which is sacred in the Interent (freedom, free speech and connectivity) - will have no footprint in RIPE.

My full agenda can be read here:

Ronald is afraid from me being elected because he knows that if I will be elected I will put an end to the illgal anonymous organization "The Spamhaus Project" which is intimidating and harassing many organizations and many businesses worldwide.

Kind Regards,
From: NANOG <nanog-bounces at> on behalf of Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at>
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 12:50 PM
To: nanog at <nanog at>
Subject: RIPE NCC Executive Board election

Many of you here may be dues-paying members of both ARIN and RIPE.

Those of you who are may wish to be aware of the fact that there will
be an election held on (I believe) May 14th, just a day or two from
now, for three open RIPE NCC Executive Board seats.

I have it on good authority that one of the candidates running for
the open RIPE NCC board seats in this election has hired legal
counsel in South Africa, and that said legal counsel has then
proceeded to threaten various officials of the City of Cape Town,
South Africa with possible legal action if they do not relinquish
to him their rights in and title to the block, a
block that all historical records, including even ARIN "WhoWas"
historical records show, clearly and unambiguously, has been
legally registered to the City of Cape Town for over twenty years.
(I am assured that at no time did the City of Cape Town ever sell,
trade, or barter away their rights to this valuable IPv4 block,
and that they are defending themselves, as best as they can, against
this attempt to extort them out of their rightful prooperty.)

Where I come from, this kind of thing is called barratry, but you
be the judge.

In any case, prior to the RIPE election, I wanted to let you all
know these facts about the candidate in question, as well as a
number of additional startling facts relating to the people who
nominated this candidate for a RIPE NCC Executive board seat, as
documented by my friend, South African journalist Jan Vermeulen:

I could go into more detail about many of the nominators mentioned
in the above article, but I don't want to make this email too long,
so I'll await some explict request for that additional info.  For now
it should suffice to make at least some of the basic facts more widely
available, a task which is accomplished just by sharing the above link,


P.S.  I have been specifically and explicitly enjoined and constrained
from posting here anything at all that might smack of being either
partisan or of an even vaguely "political" nature, and thus, I will
refrain from doing so.  I would be remiss hoever if I did not at least
note in passing that history records that in times such as these, when
people of good character and good intent are, as they rightly should be,
focused on the health and safety of themselves, their loved ones, and
their professional collegues, and when the gaze of the world is elsewhere,
persons of less than honorable intent reach for power and, with unfortunate
regularity, obtain it.

I cannot and do not ask that those of you who have been saddled with
personal or local crises during this sad time turn away from those
responsibilities to give attention to matters of Internet governance,
however urgent those may appear at the moment.  For all of us, our first-
order duty lies nearby, with family, friends, and collegues.  But for
those of you who still have a few cycles to spare, I do ask that you
consider carefully the newfound and critical importance of this tool,
this Internet, in the lives of so many millions, all around the world,
and the self-evident risks of its governance being handed over, by default
or otherwise, to persons with an interest only in what is best for them
personally, to the exclusion of all else.

P.P.S.  I would be posting this info and the above link also to the
very relevant RIPE members-discuss mailing list, but as I am not a
due-paying member of RIPE, I have no ability to do so.  Separately,
due in no small part to the candidate's own recent and manifest on-list
transgressions on that very list, that list has recently been switched
to a heavy-handed moderation, under which, it seems, even discussion of
the pros and cons of candidates in the upcoming RIPE NCC Executive Board
election are now categorized as "too controversial" and thus, themselves,
are now entirely off-limits.

I cannot help but be reminded of a catch-phrase that I saw somewhere,
not too long ago:

                 "Democracy dies in darkness."
                                  -- anon
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