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When we do DSL, we service everything out of 
ADSL2+ combo cards on Zhone MXK gear.

-Integrated metallic testing on the combo cards helps reduce truck rolls
-Having dialtone on the pair helps with 
identifying pairs in the field using ANAC
-Having dialtone on a pair provides sealing current
-Having dialtone on a pair stops other techs from 
"stealing" the pair for something else, because they think it isn't in use
-Derived voice (VoIP on CPE) makes the voice more 
subject to line impairments, etc.

At peak we had around 6000 leased CLEC copper pairs from the local ILEC.

Just notes from personal experience.

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>If POTS last mile is available, why complicate it with VoIP?
>Because it is cheaper and easier? It is a lot of 
>equipment there simply does not need to be 
>there. If you have DSL you have CPE equipment 
>and that CPE equipment can have FXP out for very 
>little extra. You also save having filters to separate DSL and voice.
>In any case, even the ILEC here is dropping 
>analog and delivering phone services via VoIP 
>and FXP out on the CPE. I believe because the 
>technician only needs to go to the DSLAM to 
>connect you. If you are also getting analog 
>voice, he needs to go to the CO too because 
>voice and DSLAM are no longer cohosted.


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