alternative to voip gateways

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If POTS last mile is available, why complicate it with VoIP? 

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Hi Nick 

Have you considered using CPE DSL routers with VoIP and FXP analog out? Decentralized. That's what everyone are doing here. Might be free depending on where you get the CPEs. 

Or simply getting VoIP handsets. Lots of cheap DECT bases with VoIP. 



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>> Investment for FTTH is 10 times or more than that for plain DSL. 
> We are assuming the copper plant is already there otherwise I will 
> respectfully disagree. 
> However the economic is not as simple as you might think. Lets do some 
> calculations. 
> Assume we can build the fiber plant for 1 million USD (*). This fiber can 
> be depreciated over 25 years. That means we only take USD 40,000/year of 
> the company profit. 
> The copper plant is already there but the DSLAM is missing. Assume USD 100 
> per port plus USD 100 per DSL CPE. This equipment can only be depreciated 
> over 5 years. With 1700 ports this gives USD 68,000/year of the company 
> profit. 

a 48 port dslam is 2200 (still awaiting cots on line cards for above 
mentioned chassis) so its about 45 per port, CPE is about 50 a device 
in bulk (inc 4 gb ports, wifi) 

The copper exists, there is no ripping it out 

Due to location RF links are used for data, so no need to give each 
cabin "future proof" since unless a carrier will run fibre to us for 
100's miles at their cost - it just aint happenin, the cost is 
extremely prohibitive. 

> Not claiming these number are anything but fantasy as I know nothing about 
> the layout of the project. Just illustrating that sometimes more money now 
> does not necessary means less profit for a company. 
> (*) yes 1700 installs could be done for that in optimum circumstances. It 
> could also be much more expensive, all depending. 
> Regards, 
> Baldur 

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