alternative to voip gateways

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Sun May 10 12:51:29 UTC 2020

On 5/8/20, Baldur Norddahl <baldur.norddahl at> wrote:
> On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 11:14 AM Masataka Ohta <
> mohta at> wrote:
>> Investment for FTTH is 10 times or more than that for plain DSL.
> We are assuming the copper plant is already there otherwise I will
> respectfully disagree.
> However the economic is not as simple as you might think. Lets do some
> calculations.
> Assume we can build the fiber plant for 1 million USD (*). This fiber can
> be depreciated over 25 years. That means we only take USD 40,000/year of
> the company profit.
> The copper plant is already there but the DSLAM is missing. Assume USD 100
> per port plus USD 100 per DSL CPE. This equipment can only be depreciated
> over 5 years. With 1700 ports this gives USD 68,000/year of the company
> profit.

a 48 port dslam is 2200 (still awaiting cots  on line cards for above
mentioned chassis) so its about 45 per port, CPE is about 50 a device
in bulk (inc 4 gb ports, wifi)

The copper exists, there is no ripping it out

Due to location RF links are used for data, so no need to give each
cabin "future proof" since unless a carrier will run fibre to us for
100's miles at their cost - it just aint happenin,  the cost is
extremely prohibitive.

> Not claiming these number are anything but fantasy as I know nothing about
> the layout of the project. Just illustrating that sometimes more money now
> does not necessary means less profit for a company.
> (*) yes 1700 installs could be done for that in optimum circumstances. It
> could also be much more expensive, all depending.
> Regards,
> Baldur

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