How to manage Static IPs to customers

Bryan Fields Bryan at
Fri May 8 13:36:23 UTC 2020

On 5/8/20 8:57 AM, Javier Gutierrez Guerra wrote:
> That's surprising to me, I have no intentions to do routing with our cable
> subscribers, that seems like a headache for both sides

Meh, there are BNG solutions out there;
	but RIP's not horrible _in_this_context_

> Today we have specific ranges within subnets from where we assign IPs to
> customers, my main problem that I'm trying to get around is having to
> change a customer static IP if their node gets splitter and I have to mode
> them to a different CMTS

I've seen some business services over DOCSIS where you're using VPLS to come
back to a central router of your choosing, but it's still Ethernet.  There's
DHCP and mac addresses and a connection-less medium.  PPPoE solves that, but
then you're doing PPP.   Oh and you have the fun of doing ldp signaled VPLS
with a CMTS that was made by people who don't understand it.

There's several other BNG solutions out there, and I'm happy to go a bit
deeper if you're down the TR-69 path.  For the business customer, most are
going to balk at anything other than a static IP Ethernet service delivered
over Ethernet.  Depending on your skill-set and network size you might be able
to roll this yourself.

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