How to manage Static IPs to customers

Brandon Jackson bjackson at
Thu May 7 21:54:33 UTC 2020

I do not believe it is a GRE tunnel.

I have seen (Charter) and heard quite a few run RIP or some other routing
protocol on the CPE.

Though I have not seen anything specific about Comcast specifically.

Brandon Jackson

On Thu, May 7, 2020, 16:54 Brandon Martin <lists.nanog at> wrote:

> On 5/7/20 4:49 PM, Javier Gutierrez Guerra wrote:
> > Just wanted to reach out and get an idea how is people managing
> customers with static Ips, more specifically on Docsis networks where the
> customer could be moved between cmts's when a node is split
> Around here, Comcast seems to provision a GRE tunnel from the CPE back
> to some router within their network and run it over whatever IP address
> the CMTS hands out to the modem.  Not very efficient, and it mandates
> that you use their CPE (they won't give you the necessary info to set it
> up yourself).
> AFAIK, such service is only available on their "business class" DOCSIS
> product and is upcharged even then.
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> Brandon Martin
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