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> On 5/7/20 12:03 PM, Mel Beckman wrote:
> > In the OP’s case however, the copper plant is private, and wholly owned
> and already in operation. So surely in that situation fiber would be much
> more expensive to dig and trench.
> Indeed, I was responding to Ohta's comments regarding copper vs. fiber.
> In this case, using DSL over the existing plant seems like a slam dunk
> unless very high speeds are needed or the plant is in very poor condition.
> Modern VDSL/2 DSLAMs are relatively inexpensive and will push 100Mbps over
> surprising distances with essentially seamless fallback to ADSL2+ at
> ~24Mbps for long-reach situations.
> --

Actually we are told the distances are between 300 meters and 1600 meters.
1700 loops all from a single point. That is going to suck. There will be no
vectoring and VDSL speeds starts to drop fast after 500 meters. There is
going to be a ton of crosstalk.

If you want to deliver 100 Mbps you will need to rebuild the copper plant
such that you isolate bundles of 192 loops in nearby cabinets. You need to
build fiber and power out there. You need to invest in multiple decentral


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