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You can get a support contract on used Calix\Occam gear. A company I started helping a couple years ago was able to get a support contract on gear they had owned for 15 years. They price the support based on the number of subscribers served off of their gear, not how many and which devices you use to do it. I could have a chassis per customer and it wouldn't impact the support contract. 

Well, depending on what you mean by support contract. They won't do hardware replacement with the contract I have, but the gear is cheap enough, it's just easier to replace the gear than to deal with hardware support. 

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Thanks guys, much appreciated! 
Company wants new, not second hand, so it's reasonable to get support 
contract - at least for first year or two :) Not a lot should ever 
change once set up, even if staff change, they wont have access to 
residential SIP details anyway. 

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> On 5/4/20 9:44 AM, Colton Conor wrote: 
>> Adtran has a built in web interface too. I it slow, but it does work. I 
>> like CLI better. 
> Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It does work for most day-to-day tasks, 
> though there are some things you can't do from it and have to drop to 
> the CLI for. Overall, I prefer the CLI. 
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> Brandon Martin 

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