Arista Switches rebooting

Vincent Bernat bernat at
Tue May 5 07:02:35 UTC 2020

 ❦  5 mai 2020 09:09 +03, Saku Ytti:

>> We found a bug on the 64 port x 100gig model that if you insert a quad
>> twinax 10gig fanout cable in many of the ports it will trigger a reboot.I
> I've seen a similar issue in another vendor, where specific SFP
> inserted would reload the linecard. This was because the SFP didn't
> answer fast enough to I2C queries and the polling code couldn't handle
> the error so it crashed the whole linecard. Vendor didn't fix the
> code, because it didn't happen on vendor optic, while obviously they
> must have understood they can't guarantee vendor optic answers in a
> timely manner in I2C.

We had a similar issue, but vendor fixed the issue (despite it only
happened with cheap third-party optics). If we talk about the same
vendor, it was fixed in 17.3R4, 17.4R3, 17.3R3-S4 and 18.1R3-S4. It's PR
1425893 (not public).
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