alternative to voip gateways

Brandon Martin lists.nanog at
Mon May 4 10:32:08 UTC 2020

On 5/4/20 6:11 AM, Nick Edwards wrote:
> Thanks for suggestion, as per previous, how easy it to configure?
> It needs to be understood by laymen if possible,  i'm no layman, but
> im no carrier grade networking guru either, most my setups are 300 odd
> users, where the gateway and dslam method is cost feasible, but not
> when your looking at the numbers of this project - hence reason for my
> post:)

I've not used Calix gear, but the Adtran TA5000 supports a Cisco-like 
CLI.  It can also be provisioned entirely using SNMP, if that's more to 
your liking, and in fact that is how Adtran's in-house provisioning 
suite works.  It also has some TL1 support if you really must...

The CLI has some necessary deviations from Cisco IOS, of course, as 
almost all "industry standard" CLIs do, but you can probably pick it up 
pretty quickly.

If you buy new/prime gear directly from an authorized Adtran disty you 
also get their provisioning and monitoring suite (AOE) "free" as long as 
you maintain a support contract (which isn't particularly expensive). 
It's kinda blah (and Flash-based, but I'm told that's changing by the 
end of the year...) but does work.
Brandon Martin

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