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There's likely an enormous amount of ADSL\VDSL DSLAM blades and chassis out there that you can pick up for a song. Buy the ones that do POTS and DSL in one. 

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I'm looking at a new sister company we just took over, their remote 
village has 1700 analogue phone lines to the workers huts, but they go 
nowhere past the MDF. 

The office runs voip, now i'm told i have to get phones to the workers 
because the <lots of explicit words> AKA previous owners of that 
business stopped the build when they ran into financial problems. 

So my plan is to utilize the existing many miles worth of copper pairs. 

I'm looking at throwing them into Versa Dslams that use pppoe pass 
through, throw in a mikoTik 1036 as pppoe server, and we got spare 
R710 i can use as radius server, and by my limited knowledge this 

OK data done, but... now all those pots out lines need to go somewhere 
that can handle 1700 or more lines, I am looking at either grandstream 
48 port FXS gateways or sangoma vega 50 ports (which Ill use as 48 so 
theres a 1:1 match with dslams) the vega 3050 probably wont be used 
because they are more than twice the price of grandstream. 

But this all results in a sh1te load of 48 port gateways (power is not 
a concern), but wondering if there is another solution that is more 
cost effective? Seems the regular NEC's Siemens and so on might have 
an option but I can imagine it will be far more expensive than a bunch 
of individual gateways. 

This project is in my mind workable, but i've not done such a thing on 
a large scale. 
Those who have experience in this field care to chime in? is my method 
acceptable or not for such a project size? 

most pbx's I've done are only few hundred analogue lines where 
gateways are more suited and definitely more cost effective, at all 
our locations we use freepbx which works perfectly, and we know the 
beefyness of the box we'll need to install to handle this load, thats 
not a problem if we go down the gateway method. 


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