Layer 3 Switches

Kevin Burke kburke at
Tue Jun 30 12:31:36 UTC 2020

+1 to the software & support

Within the last year we have learned & deployed Juniper & Extreme.  They are easily as good or better than the rest of the crowd.

We use Ubiquiti stuff too.  Its good on the edge, less so in the core.  They don’t keep a product around long enough to work the bugs out.

I've liked the price of the Ubiquiti switches I've seen, but haven't gotten
to play with them, and based on their EdgeRouter line, am not sure about
their maturity either.

A switch's maturity is much more dependent on hardware while a router is much more dependent on software, so I suggest assessing a switch on their own merits, regardless of bad experiences with that vendor in the router realm.


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