Layer 3 Switches

Garrett Skjelstad garrett at
Mon Jun 29 18:40:36 UTC 2020

Cumulus (now NVIDIA) has just entered the access/edge market, so if you're
running a 'development-enabled' team, it's a very attractive offering.

They bring a pretty solid software solution, that can run on their own
CX-1048, or on a variety of manufacturers switches (including Dell).

self disclaimer; $dayjob affords Cisco 3650s/9300s, $sidejob(s)
affords Dell+Cumulus.


On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 8:42 AM Nathaniel Wingard via NANOG <nanog at>

> I’m looking to replace some access switches (Cisco Catalyst 3750 and
> 3560G). I really just need L2 features (stacking, PoE+, VLAN). I’ve found
> a 2960X that I like, but Cisco is pushing their 9200 series. The only
> downside I see is that the 9200s look to all have Layer 3 features. I’ve
> always shied away from L3 switches when I don’t need the L3 features, but I
> don’t have any solid reason not to just use the switches and turn off the
> L3 features I don’t need. I’m looking for thoughts on this approach.
> Thanks,
> Nathaniel
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