RDAP snapshots

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 22:24:36 UTC 2020

I don't see any RIR approving a bulk WHOIS request on a weekend alone, but
the way is like this:


On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 3:43 PM Lars Prehn <lprehn at mpi-inf.mpg.de> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Is there a "fast" way to obtain a snapshot of the RDAP databases from
> each RIR (e.g., http://rdap.db.ripe.net/) for local use? I saw some
> presentations on proposals for RDAP monitoring, but couldn't find any
> working implementations. I want to run a massive amount of requests
> against it (for a research project) and would like to keep the load on
> the RIR APIs low.
> Unfortunately, our deadline is Monday night. Therefore "fast" really
> boils down to 'till tomorrow'.
> Thanks for answers in advance!
> Best regards,
> Lars
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