netflix proxy/unblocker false detection

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Fri Jun 26 22:39:31 UTC 2020

On 6/26/20 1:42 PM, Sabri Berisha wrote:
> Hi,


> This is the part that matters the most. I'm sure they're willing.

Let's agree to disagree on Netflix's willingness.

> I'm also sure that in the past, enough people have abused their 
> trust.

I question the veracity of that statement.

> Since they are legally obliged to adhere to their licensing agreements, 
> they have no choice but to implement technical precautions to enforce 
> those agreements ...

I agree to that part of your statement.  What's more is I have no 
objection to it.  I even support it.

> ... to the best of their abilities.

This is where I have a problem.

I highly doubt the agreements that Netflix's has with content owners 
state that Hurricane Electric (et al.) must be blocked.  Maybe I'm 
wrong.  It wouldn't be the first time today.

I believe that Netflix is choosing the lower / easier road and simply 
blocking Hurricane Electric's IPv6 tunnels as an easy / low hanging 
fruit option to achieve the contractual requirements.

I do not believe that we are seeing the best of Netflix's abilities to 
filter content.  To be more blunt, I believe that Netflix is capable and 
can do better than they are doing now.

Amazon does better.
YouTube does better.
CBS does better.
Hulu does better.

Where better is working with my Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel and not 
forcing me to DNS filtering of AAAA records for their domains, 
independent DNSSEC.

I can only speculate that Netflix doesn't care.  As such, they /choose/ 
this road through inaction on their part.

> False positives (meaning, people being denied while being in-region), are going
> to be an unwelcome side-effect.

This side effect is like forgetting about your hurt knee after hitting 
your thumb with a hammer, on purpose.

> In the end, I must agree with Mike Hammett when he said:
> Media licensing is a complicated topic and the source of all of these problems.

Without seeing actual licenses to support "you must block Hurricane 
Electric", I'm going to choose to disagree with the license scapegoat.

I believe that Netflix is capable of doing better if they wanted to.  I 
can only surmise that they don't want to.

Grant. . . .
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