netflix proxy/unblocker false detection

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Fri Jun 26 22:25:06 UTC 2020

On 6/26/20 3:21 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> Hi Grant,


> Philosophically, Netflix agrees with you.

My interactions with and observations of Netflix make me want to 
disagree with you.

> Unfortunately they have to keep the studios happy or many of their 
> content contracts evaporate.

I fail to see how me watching a video at my address on file, which 
matches my CC's address on file, which matches the GeoIP region for my 
IPv4 address becomes invalidated because I'm using IPv6.

There is nothing to stop Netflix from probing a mixture of IPv4 and IPv6 
during the same video playing session.  Thus they could correlate the 
IPv6 with the IPv4 which correlates with my CC which correlates with my 
address on file.

I firmly believe that Netflix /could/ solve IPv6 playback, even through 
VPN, if they wanted to.  I completely believe that Netflix is capable of 
solving this.  I also completely believe that Netflix doesn't give a 
REDACTED and chooses to ignore this problem.

Instead, they choose to foist the problem onto other parties.  Or pass 
the blame.

> And too many content owners care very much where you are right this
> instant.

Nope.  I disagree.

I can just as easily extend my IPv4 address through a VPN as I can an 
IPv6 address.  --  Performance may suffer, but that's a different issue.

I can use my home's IPv4 address, which is GeoIP located to the same 
area as my home which matches my CC billing address, can be used 
anywhere in the world.

So ... if I can use my IPv4 address outside of where Netflix thinks that 
I am at, why is my IPv6 address any different?

I completely believe that there are technical solutions to this problem. 
  I also completely agree that Netflix is choosing to ignore them.

> Because they are unreasonable luddites who think that geographic 
> monopolies make good business sense.

As stated above, where the Luddites, or Netflix as their agent, thinks 
my IP is located is actually divorced from where I am really watching 
from.  Or at least can be.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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