netflix proxy/unblocker false detection

Sabri Berisha sabri at
Fri Jun 26 19:42:01 UTC 2020

----- On Jun 26, 2020, at 12:32 PM, nanog nanog at wrote:


> they should also be willing to trust the information for my service address.

This is the part that matters the most. I'm sure they're willing. I'm also
sure that in the past, enough people have abused their trust. Since they are
legally obliged to adhere to their licensing agreements, they have no choice
but to implement technical precautions to enforce those agreements to the
best of their abilities.

False positives (meaning, people being denied while being in-region), are going
to be an unwelcome side-effect.

In the end, I must agree with Mike Hammett when he said:

> Media licensing is a complicated topic and the source of all of these problems.



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