netflix proxy/unblocker false detection

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Fri Jun 26 19:32:42 UTC 2020

On 6/26/20 12:08 PM, Brandon Jackson via NANOG wrote:
> Correct they block's tunnel broker IP's because they practically 
> are at least for the sense of geo restrictions "VPN" that can be used to 
> get around said geo restriction.

I want to agree, but I can't.  Move up the stack.  I pay my bill with a 
CC which has my billing address.  I would even be willing to tell 
Netflix my home address directly.

If they are willing to trust the CC information to take my money, then 
they should also be willing to trust the information for my service address.

If I want to use my Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel, to watch content 
that matches my stated address which matches my CC billing address, 
which matches my IPv4 address (region), then why the REDACTED can't I do 
so over my HE IPv6 tunnel?

I would even be willing to go through a physical snail mail confirmation 
loop.  I'll even pay a nominal fee to do so.

I want to watch content available in my region while I'm at the 
associated address.  Why can't I?

I think that blindly blocking Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnels "because 
they can be used as a VPN" is an old way of thinking and completely 
fails to take other parts of the stack into account.

Netflix's blocking of HE IPv6 tunnels is preventing many people in the 
U.S.A. that have a non-IPv6-ISP from being able to use IPv6.  I've even 
heard of people actively not using IPv6 because of Netflix.

> As much as I hate it as I use said tunnel service it is understandable

I disagree.

> I don't really blame Netflix for this,

I do.

> I blame the content producer/owners and the industry as a whole for 
> mandating such restrictive practices.

Are the content producers / owners mandating "Block Hurricane Electric 
IPv6 tunnels" or are they mandating "Block playback to people that are 
outside of the playback region"?

My opinion is that Netflix is taking the low road as an easy way out 
while trying to shift blame to someone else.

> Using that as an argument against Netflix for bad labeling of IP blocks 
> at least in terms of IPv6 is not fair.

I completely believe that Netflix could do a LOT better than they are 
doing now.

Grant. . . .
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