Max-Prefix from IX Route-Servers - from where to get it?

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By Suggestion of a colleague I opened an issue about it on PeeringDB Github

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> We are creating some auxiliary to help on the deploy of our BGP Sessions.
> Most of the information we are getting from Peering DB.
> For Bilateral Sessions(over Private media, or over MPLA vlan), we use the
> max-prefix defined on PeeringDB profile of the partner.
> (And other information also, like AS-SET)
> But... Talking about MPLE?
> Where do we get the max prefix expected from the route-servers?
> I tried to find it on IXPDP (maintained by Euro IX / IX-F), and didn't
> find that information of max-prefix.
> Peering DB
> Searching a bit on PeeringDB I saw that some IXPs has a "NET" object
> created for each "IX".
> This is the case of DE-CIX.
> But there are other IXPs that don't have this parity between "NET" and
> "IX" objects.
> This is the case of IX.BR IXPs, and I Believe that is also the case of
> Equinix IXPs.
> And I Believe that the cause is that those entities use the same ASN to
> all the IXPs.
> - In IX.BR São Paulo we have around 200K routes being announced through
> Route-Serves.
> - In IX.BR Cascavel(my home city, 😍) we have around 1,5K K routes.
> Both IXPs we same 26162 ASN.
> I´m pretty sure same ambiguity occurs with other IX organizations.
> For example Equinix IX. The number os Routes in Ashburn is
> certanly different that Seoul.
> So, I brought a problem to discuss and find a solution.
> My first suggestion is:
> Talking about PeeringDB modeling
> - Create an attribute called NET on IX objects, that will point to the NET
> referent to that IXP Location.
> - Open an Exception(SPECIFIC TO IXPs) about ASN being a Unique Key
> - Suggest/Demands that Each IXP has their own NET Object.
> PS.: This solution will also solve issues like
> -> "Where do I get the AS-SET that contais all the NETs on that IXP?"
> --
> Douglas Fernando Fischer
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Douglas Fernando Fischer
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