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On 2020-06-25 19:20, Dave Temkin via NANOG wrote: 
> If you or others are not receiving a satisfactory reply from us 
> (Netflix) on this issue, please feel free to reach out directly and 
> I'll make sure it gets handled. 
> So far as we know, we handle CGNAT (and IPv6) appropriately. Sometimes 
> ranges get reassigned and the data that we have gets stale - this 
> happens quite often since formal runout, and so sometimes we're behind 
> the ball on it, but be assured that we take this seriously. 
> Thanks, 
> -Dave 
This problem has been bothering operators in Lebanon for more than a 
month, and frankly they have not received any reasonable answers yet. 
IP's are the same for several years, no changes, but all of sudden users 
start to get reduced list of titles (only netflix originals) and popup 
Maybe some of the clients are doing something bad, but in fact its not 
right to block legitimate clients with them because they are behind same 
CGNAT IP, I know for sure that I am using an absolutely normal account 
of the highest plan, on my absolutely ordinary Smart TV for last year, 
without any changes, i am in the same IP pool, but yet i have problem. 
And if someone doing something bad, we(ISP) can assist and if there is 
enough info, we move such people to different IP pool or if there is 
clear proof of wrongdoing we can even disconnect such clients. But we 
are getting nothing at all from support, except template "we are working 
hard on your problem", which is kind of disrespectful and enough. 

Today I tried it myself as a client, and as result it was 4 hour 
standoff in live chat, as support tried to feed me usual "we are working 
hard on your problem" and as i didnt accepted usual script/templates 
anymore, it turned into outright mockery on me, sending me literally 
same message template again and again, until i realised that i was 
wasting my time with reasoning. 
At the end, i received an answer that temporarily ok for me, but i hope 
the problem will be resolved properly soon, if it reached the right 
person, due my polite persistence.* 
At least today we got new contact, email for geosupport, and i have some 
hope that it will be more helpful, at least 3 ISP representatives mailed 
And i know for sure that i'm not going to give up until i find proper 

*Which cost me and my cat a lot of stress today. 
(I couldn’t feed the cat because of the live chat timeouts, and he just 
keep meowing under the table demanding food). 

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