netflix proxy/unblocker false detection

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Subject: netflix proxy/unblocker false detection 

Did anybody noticed that Netflix just became useless due to tons of 
proxy/unblocker false detection on CGNAT ranges? 
Even my home network is dual stack, i am absolutely sure there is no 
proxy/vpn/whatsoever (but ipv4 part is over CGNAT) - and i got 
"proxy/unblocker" message on my personal TV. 
And many other ISP sysadmins told me that recently this is a massive 
problem, and netflix support is frankly inadequate and does not want to 
solve the problem. 
I will not be surprised that they will begin to actively lose users due 
to such a shameful silly screwed up algorithm. 
Who in sober mind blocks all legit users due probably one or two 
suspicious users behind same IP range? 

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