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Mon Jun 22 18:45:25 UTC 2020

hi there,

I've started a few weeks ago hosting a youtube/twitch/twitter live video
show (simultaneous stream) hosting key people who are involved in the
exec/operations/engineering of internet infrastructure companies either as
consumer or service providers.

my idea is to create a platform where questions/concerns can be asked
directly to executives/key decision-makers and hopefully get answers. Very
similar to Reddit AMA but with focus on

For example, I will have execs from zayo, Windstream, aqua comms, packet
fabric this week as my guests where you will be able to ask
questions directly. There will be also a 1-1 discussion with APNIC's Chief
Scientist Geoff Houston about internet growth during lockdowns, and more.

you can watch the shows live, ask questions and be part of the conversation
from all these platforms.

example: starting in 15 minutes
with Windstream.



if you have recommendation on speakers you want to see, ask questions, you
can contact me offlist.

I thought I would share this here, I am sorry if this is off-topic. Invite
people to participate, ask questions, and more.

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