[EXT] Xfinity (both ends) - can't ping from users home to office

Spencer Coplin scoplin at f1techgroup.com
Sat Jun 20 00:18:38 UTC 2020

Kevin, you are amazing! This absolutely fixed our issue. Thank you so much!

Thank you,

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Thank you, he has the xfinity provided router/modem, so no cpe router to make a change on. I don't think we can change it's mac address. Good thought on pursuing it through the business side and I'll proceed with that.

Thank you,


Spencer Coplin

We’re facing the same issue at my current job. We have many users at home who are unable to access sites in our datacenter. We found that if the user disables the "XFi Advanced Security feature" on their Comcast provided router, they can reach our sites again. We’ve been trying to work with Comcast to see if there is any way to work around this and find out why it suddenly decided to block our content, but don’t have a good solution yet. Might be worth having your user try to disable that feature to see if it helps.

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