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Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Thu Jun 18 13:35:12 UTC 2020

On 18/Jun/20 15:26, Warren Kumari wrote:

> Ah, because, if you word / negotiate your contract carefully, the
> failure to meet the 24/7 SLO can be converted into credit -- either
> actual discounts or simply a big stick when negotiating new stuff.
> Many years ago I worked for a company who repeatedly tripped over
> their own feet - but the one good thing that they actually managed was
> to have a good clause in their support contract -- we got free 24/7
> support for 3 years in a row because the contact had a "if you miss
> the response time more than N% of the time, we ain't gonna pay"
> clause. We had many locations in the USA, but also in Bangalore,
> Chennai, Hyderabad, Paris, London, Mumbai, and Marseille - for some
> reason Marseille was almost always the winner in terms of missing the
> SLO.

Conniving... I like it :-).

What was the saying... "Huge telco's are law firms masquerading as
connectivity providers", or something along those lines :-).


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