Quality of the internet

Max Tulyev maxtul at netassist.ua
Thu Jun 18 12:51:37 UTC 2020


in our region (CIS, eastern Europe) we still have issues
with overloaded international transport and bad quality of international 
channels from time to time (especially at the beginning of COVID19).

While Internet looks slow, but still usable, this case VoIP goes really bad.

Our regional specific is strong and very cheap internal (inside country) 
connectivity. So one of solution can be join local IXes by dedicated L2 
(DWDM) channels.

Ask me off-list if you want some help/solutions ;)

17.06.20 23:47, Dovid Bender пише:
> Hi,
> My 9-5 is working for a VoIP provider. When we started in 2006 we had a 
> lot of issues with the quality of the internet in eastern europe and 
> central Asia. It was not rare for us to have to play around with routing 
> to get the quality that we needed. In a review of tickets for the last 
> two years it seems as if we barely do any of that these days. Rarely do 
> we get a quality complaint that comes back to an issue where a carrier 
> or ISP dropping or mangling packets. Has anyone else observed this as well?

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