Mikrotik RPKI Testing

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On 6/17/20 10:38 PM, Musa Stephen Honlue wrote: 
> Did you face any issues with IPv6 on 6.4, I personally have participated in deployment projects on Mikrotik for many large networks. 
> And it worked well in the end. 

The problem I ran into was having it support SLAAC for assignment of IP 
addresses for management to a management vlan. We have a number of them setup 
as bridges, and use ipv4 for management now, but can't seem to make them 
configure IPv6. 

I've run into several issues with them doing bridging as well. Perhaps the 
worst is there's still no way to associate a MAC with a bridge MAC. This 
means we can isolate problem MAC's on an AP level, but then have to dig into 
the FDB of each individual node on that AP. 

These aren't ideal, but at the price point, we put up with the issues. :) 

Bryan Fields 

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