Devil's Advocate - Segment Routing, Why?

Robert Raszuk robert at
Wed Jun 17 22:29:15 UTC 2020

> Anything that can support LDPv4 today can support LDPv6, in hardware.

While I am trying to stay out of this interesting discussion the above
statement is not fully correct.

Yes in the MPLS2MPLS path you are correct,

But ingress and egress switching vectors are very different for LDPv6 as
you need to match on IPv6 vs LDPv4 ingress where you match on IPv4 to map
it to correct label stack rewrite.

Example: If your hardware ASICs do not support IPv6 while support IPv4 -
LDPv4 will work just fine while LDPv6 will have a rather a bit of hard time

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